Some of our recent papers.

Ellia, Ph: "On codimension two subvarieties of P6" [with D. Franco] (file

Ellia, Ph.: "A note on rational surfaces in projective four-space" (file

Ellia, Ph:"On smooth surfaces in projective four-space lying on quartic hypersurfaces with isolated singularities"  [with D. Franco] (file

Mella, M.:"Contractions on a manifold polarized by an ample vector bundle  [with M. Andreatta] (file ps.gz)

Mella, M.:"Adjunction theory on terminal variety" (file ps.gz)

Mella, M.:"Vector bundles on log terminal varieties" (file ps.gz)

Mella, M.:"Existence of good divisors on Mukai varieties" (file ps.gz)

Mella, M.:"On del Pezzo fibrationsOn del Pezzo fibrations" (file ps.gz)

Mella, M.:" Morphisms of projective varieties from the viewpoint of Minimal Model Theory [with M.Andreatta], (245K)" (file ps.gz)

Mella, M.:" On the birational geometry of Quartic 3-folds, I [with A. Corti] AG.0102096, (158K)" (file ps.gz)

Mella, M.:" Small degree 3-folds , (110K)" (file ps.gz)

Del Centina, A.:"A Characterization of bielliptic curves and applications to their moduli spaces" [with G. Casnati] (file

Del Centina, A.:"On certain loci of curves of genus g >= 4 with Weierstrass points whose first non-gap is three" [with G. Casnati] (file dvi)

Del Centina, A.:"A la recherche des pages perdues d'un manuscript d'Abel" (file .doc)